When heating systems are neglected and the appropriate chemicals are not added to them periodically to ‘condition’ the water, several faults can occur and excessive ‘air’ can be produced.

This is not actually air, but the gas created from the chemical reaction ‘electrolysis’. This occurs when measures have not been taken to prevent the natural reaction of ferrous (in steel radiators) and non-ferrous (in copper pipes) metals accelerated by water contained in the system. By adding an inhibitor periodically this chemical reaction is significantly reduced.

Power Flushing Services
Power flushing is a way of cleaning the internal pipe work and radiators of your central heating system, it removes all the sludge and build up of debris that happens over a period of time.

Why Power flush?
Getting a power flush done on an existing heating systems will enhance the efficiency of your boiler. It is becoming part of a manufacturer’s guarantee that a power flush must be carried out before installation of a new boiler. A power flush will remove magnetite sludge from your system and help alleviate heating problems in the future.

There are many benefits to having a power flush done, such as a reduced energy consumption which could lead to a 25% savings on fuel bills. The heating system will heat up a lot quicker which leads to an overall increased level of boiler efficiency, again, reducing heating costs.